Product Review: Boots No7 Mattifying Makeup Base

Boots No7 Mattifying Makeup Base, 40ml, CAD$14.00
Boots No7 Mattifying Makeup Base, 40ml, CAD$14.00

I used this only in the summer time when my skin was a little shinier. I normally have dry and dehydrated skin, so a mattifying product isn’t something I would use on a regular basis. I only used it to replace using a loose powder.

This product has very mixed reviews everywhere I looked. It has a pretty decent rating of 3.2 out of 5 on; and at $14.00, I wasn’t really looking for greatness. In the summer time, my dry skin gets a little oily on the forehead, so I use this just on my forehead so I didn’t need powder over it.

The texture – not really creamy, mostly starchy. It’s not bad by all means, but with the wrong moisturizer underneath, it can ball up. I had to experiment with different moisturizers (with SPF) just to get this right without balling up. As far as oil control goes, I am not oily, so I can’t say; though it does mattify and my forehead stayed mattified until the end of day.

I had tried using this under a tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier’s) and found this difficult to blend. Sometimes, I do mix this with a somewhat oily sunscreen just so it doesn’t look an oil slick on my face. But because my skin is rather dry and dehydrated underneath, at times, it will create that uncomfortable taut feeling. It really isn’t meant for my skin type for sure, but I just thought I should mention it so if you have oily skin this might work.

The balling up is a pain though. It happens with a lot of different products when I use this over or under. I still kept it to occasionally mattify a greasy cream but that’s about it. It serves its purpose but I wouldn’t say it’s great.

Animal Testing Status:

Boots claims they don’t do animal testing but I cannot verify it either way on PETA.

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