Product Review: The Body Shop Body Butters

The Body Shop Almond Body Butter, 200ml, CAD$18.00
The Body Shop Almond Body Butter, 200ml, CAD$18.00

They were the first to come out with ‘body butters’, and years later, after using many different ones, The Body Shop’s Body Butters are still the best.

After that giant disappointment that was Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Ultra Moisturizer, I needed something that moisturized, but didn’t want to break the bank. A while ago, I had used The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose Body Butter and loved it; so I went straight back to The Body Shop for another jar. Only this time, I wanted something different – as much as  I love the rose scent, I also love the smell of certain nuts (possibly because I had been eating nuts instead of meat for the past 3 months) like almond. After sampling all the scents available, I bought the Almond one.

It was meant for dry skin, and it didn’t disappoint. It doesn’t contain any mineral oil, petrolatum which is a big plus for me because I tend to react to petrochemicals. It has a subtle but nice almond scent and I found myself actually hungry after applying it!

My daughter, who has very sensitive skin too, needed a replacement body cream now that we gave up on the Kiss My Face moisturizer. It just so happened that The Body Shop had a special sale on, all the 200ml body butters were $10 each, so I bought an Aloe one as well as a Brazil Nut one. At $10 each, it’s a steal! We put the Aloe Body Butter on my daughter, who loved it. It moisturized very well without feeling greasy. It absorbed right away. The Aloe version is fragrance free though there is a faint scent from the aloe in the ingredients, and my daughter loved how mild it was.

The Body Shop Aloe Body Butter is fragrance free, great for sensitive skin.
The Body Shop Aloe Body Butter is fragrance free, great for sensitive skin.

The Brazil Nut Body Butter, which I bought but haven’t opened, smelled a little nutty, quite similar to the Almond one I already have, but more subtle. I loved the scent. When I sampled the other scents though, I didn’t like some of the smells quite so much. The Strawberry scent was, in my opinion, putrid. The Moringa one was too floral (hint, hint, old lady smell), and the Mango one was just weird. Their Vanilla scents weren’t their strong suits either. The Japanese Cherry Blossom one was nice although the body butter was for normal skin and not hydrating enough for drier skin types. The Cocoa Butter one I like as well, though it is highly emollient, best for really really dry skin.

Even at their regular price, The Body Shop Body Butters are a steal for the quality. Not only do they not test on animals, I love how they use fair trade ingredients, among the first in this industry before many people even know what fair trade means.

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