Product Review: Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette (2008 Fall Collection)

Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette, from 2008 Fall Collection
Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette, from 2008 Fall Collection

I love all in one palettes! I don’t know if it’s because you get everything in one compact, or because my love for compacts. Anyway, I received this two months ago as a birthday present.

This palette, if you are wondering why you don’t see this at the Bobbi Brown counter anymore, is from 2008 (fall); this was purchased in an outlet shop in Buffalo. As a side note, if you don’t already know, outlet stores aren’t what they used to be anymore; big companies, from Michael Kors to Kate Spade, would specifically manufacture lesser quality products that you don’t find at their regular price stores for the outlets, just to cash in on outlet shoppers’ mentality. For example, if you go to the regular Tommy Hilfiger stores, their merchandise is completely different from the cheap, perpetually 40% off tees and polo shirts you find at their outlet stores. You won’t find the clothes from the ads in the magazines lying around in their outlet stores.

When I went to the Kate Spade store in the Buffalo outlet mall, I bought a cheap $100 bag thinking I got a great deal. It was Kate Spade, right? Well, it was only PVC, whereas in the regular priced Kate Spade store or official site, you won’t find the cheap bag I bought. They have the same item, but made with real patent leather instead of the cheap PVC one I bought. Again, same idea, they are not putting their good stuff to the outlet to sell; they are making totally different, cheaper, lesser quality products to sell at their outlet stores for people who want to get the designer brand name but don’t want to spend a fortune.

After that, I never shopped at outlet stores anymore. I’d rather pay regular price for something I want; not something I am buying because of the price. Anyway, when you shop at cosmetic outlets, you really need to do your homework; if you know the brand well enough, you will know what’s current, and what’s been lying on the shelves for the past 3-4 years. Considering cosmetics have a limited shelf life of about 3 years, buying a 3 year old product, no  matter how cheap it gets marked down to, isn’t really a good deal.

Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette from 2008 Fall season, US$55.00

This is a palette from the 2008 fall season as mentioned. I love Bobbi Brown because the colors are wearable and neutral, but sometimes, I do have issues with that same reason why I love it, because the colors can be a little dull. You are playing it safe; but you aren’t going to look that much different from your normal self. So it depends what you want for your look. This Mauve Face Palette is very safe – all the colors are super neutral, though I find that on my very fair skin, the dark taupe shades made me look like I have bruises on my eyes. Beautiful neutral colors nonetheless.

The blush is a neutral-mauve shade that leans a little on the brown side, same with the three lip colors. The total weight of this compact is 9.6g, and the original/regular price is US$55.00, not cheap. With the exception of the Creamy Lip Color (made in Belgium), everything else was made in the U.S.A. (Sephora palettes are all made in China, hence the low price) The lip colors are nice, but like most lipsticks, they do feel dry over time, so you will need to either reapply or better yet, apply a clear gloss over it to keep your lips moist.

The eyeshadows are what I love about Bobbi Brown –  they stay, they don’t crease and are super pigmented. I find myself using mostly the Navajo shade, which is very close to BB’s bestseller Bone shade; it’s a light vanilla without shimmer. The other two shades – Vintage and Chocolate Mauve – contain a subtle hint of shimmer, though the shimmer hardly show when you apply.

Even though I am sure this palette at the discount/outlet store sells at below half price of the original price, I still don’t think this is worth the purchase (I don’t think the purchaser was aware how old this palette is). Even if you don’t mind the colors being outdated for this current  season, like I mentioned, cosmetics typically have a 3 year shelf life, and when you buy it at the end of the shelf life, it’s just not a great idea. Purchasing mascaras at these outlet/discount stores, especially, comes with some risks. If they are that old (past 1 year), they could be already dried up inside. It happened to me sometimes when I bought some of the mascaras on clearance sale at – by then, God knows how long they had been on the shelf or in storage, the mascara was clumpy and dry when I opened it, so even at a steep discount, it’s not worth it.

On a side note, the new Bobbi Brown palettes that I saw don’t give you nearly as much product anymore. The eyeshadows are even smaller than this one, and I have read some complaints from users about how small the products have gotten in the BB palettes.

If you want a nice, cheap palette  that’s not made in China, you can try Victoria’s Secret’s palettes. They are really affordable, and for the price, they are excellent deals. The products themselves are made in the US or Italy, and the packaging could be made in China. I don’t mind the compact itself made in China as long as the cosmetics aren’t.

Victoria’s Secret and Bobbi Brown do not test on animals by the way. LORAC, Stila, and Tarte also make nice palettes, though a little more expensive. They don’t test on animals either, so there are many cruelty-free choices to look good.

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