Product Review: Bison Sweetsalon W Brown Eyeliner in Bitter Chocolate (Dark Brown)

Bison Sweetsalon W Brown Eyeliner, US$14.5 at
Bison Sweetsalon W Brown Eyeliner, US$14.5 at

This is a liquid and powder brown eyeliner in one made by Bison. I find that brown eyeliners give the eyes a more natural look; on regular days when I am not going out to do anything special, this gives my eyes a nice, natural definition instead of the dramatic look I usually do with a black eyeliner. I have this in Bitter Chocolate, a dark brown shade, rather than the Milk Chocolate, which is a light brown shade I initially wanted but was out of stock on


This is a neat concept, if only pulled off right. On one end you get your liquid eyeliner; the other, a matching powder to top off so your eyeliner will last longer without smearing and fading. I don’t have oily eyelids, but if I don’t dust a layer of powder or eyeshadow on my eyeliner (cream, liquid or pencil), it will smear or smudge for sure. The powder is also handy to do the outer corners of the eyes as well.


But only if it was done right. *Sigh* First of all, this liquid eyeliner STREAKS. I have worked with it with or without a primer, with or without an eye cream, with or without a light dust of loose setting powder or eyeshadow, and no matter what I use or not use, this streaks. It has more to do with the brush itself, I suspect. It does not go on evenly.


The powder side: the sponge tip is way too wide to do small corners.


The lasting power of both ends isn’t impressive either. The colour is pretty, but the delivery is less than desirable. I don’t know how this is #1 according to cosme in Japan…it’s a cheap product but even for that price range I have used better. I still like the color, but definitely will not repurchase this same item.

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