Product Review: Benefit Lemon Aid

Benefit Lemon Aid, 2.7g (0.09oz.) US$20.00
Benefit Lemon Aid, 2.7g (0.09oz.) US$20.00

Benefit’s Lemon Aid is an eyelid primer/concealer that corrects discoloration around the eyes. I don’t have dark circles or bags, but I find that under my lower rims, that area gets a little dull from being so dry (I have allergies and sensitive eyes). This yellow-based concealer really brightens the eye areas. Sometimes when I pluck my eyebrows and leave some redness under my brow bone, I use this to neutralize the redness. And one little pot lasts me a long time!

This can be worn alone or under makeup, although I find that if I use it all over my lid, after a short period of time, the Lemon Aid would actually slide off my eyelids close to my upper lash line. You will need to use a powder to set this if you were to wear this alone without an eyeshadow.

While this is pretty good, for wearability, I still prefer Shiseido The Makeup Concealer Stick (almost the same price and size).


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