Product Review: Benefit Cosmetics Refined Finish Facial Polish

Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish 4.5oz, US$22.00
Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish 4.5oz, US$22.00

As much as I enjoyed the Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, I find that its texture just wasn’t good enough for exfoliation – it was too gentle, to a point that I didn’t think it exfoliated all that much. It smelled good, but I didn’t find it make much of a difference in my skin. I went to Sephora and narrowed my choices down to two – between Benefit’s Refined Finish and Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Face Polish. Laura Mercier’s was $10 more expensive than Benefits; more importantly, I didn’t like the fact that the Laura Mercier face polish did not have a product seal on it, and the entire batch at Sephora seemed to have varied amount of product inside, so I wasn’t sure if they had already been used. In the end, I chose Benefit.

The packaging is very cute – the colors on the box and the fake-cork cap on the tube – and the product has a very fresh, pleasant scent. I normally opt for scent-free products, but with face wash and scrubs I actually prefer them to have a little smell. This reminds me of some of the Amore skincare with a very refreshing scent.

The texture – I tested it at Sephora. Between this and Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish, I actually found the latter to be creamier and gentler. Laura Mercier’s face polish has a very nice scent too; but like I said, because the product has no seal on it, I hesitated to buy it. The grits in Benefit’s Refined Finish is somewhat a little more densely packed than LM’s Face Polish. The granules are slightly bigger too. But when I used Benefit Refined Finish, my sensitive skin did not react to it badly at all. It was a good balance of granules and the cream base, so it didn’t feel too pumicey (I had that problem with Leaf & Rusher’s Rapid Resurface) on my skin. My skin didn’t turn red during or after, and I could feel that it provided a good, gentle form of exfoliation.

My only gripe is that Benefit isn’t listed on PETA’s do or don’t test (animal testing) list. According to Benefit’s website, they don’t test on animals, though they cannot verify that every ingredient they source from their suppliers hasn’t been tested on animals. But the product itself is good. It wasn’t drying at all, though it contains kaolin. The price is reasonable and the product performs well.

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