Product Description: Vivoke Face Color (Highlighter) by Pola

Innovative highlighter instantly brings radiance to the face while covering dullness.

Innovative highlighter instantly brings radiance to the face while covering dullness.

Vivoke Face Highlighter: A must-have for any sophisticated woman!

This innovative highlighter is a perfect combination with th emagic color covering dullness and the shimmery pearls enhancing the facial dimensions, making the skin look beautiful. Easy to use with instant and visible effects.

The Secret to the magic color
Signs of fatigue are more noticeable under the eyes. When dark circles or dullness appear, even the most perfect makeup can be ruined. Dark circles under the eyes appear close to a dark blue color due to the blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Orange is a perfect color to cover the dark circles since it is a complementary color to blue.

How it works:

Powder covers dullness (Left)
A matte powder with an orange hint can easily dover dull looking skin that usually appears under the eyes. The face will appear brighter with one sweep!
Pearly White Powder (Right)
A powder that enhances the bone structure to give dimension to the face and leaves a shimmery finish. The light effect makes the face appear vivid with natural glow.
How to use:
First, use the brush and apply the powder on the left under the eyes. Then use the brush and apply the pearly white powder under the eyes and sweep towards the temples. Also apply on the t-zone to enhance your facial dimensions.

Pola Vivoke Face Colors are formulated with:

Color Lasting Powder helps color last long.
Soft Focus Powder diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Dimensional Powder enhances the facial dimensions by giving depth to the facial contours.
Moist Fit Powder leaves a moist feel and applies well on dry areas.


Vivoke: Makeup that Vividly Evokes
your natural beauty from within.

Perfectly finished makeup not only makes your face beautiful but also
gains self confidence, as well as making lively facial expressions. Signs
of aging, however, can be a factor that distracts the beautifying process.
Pola Vivoke helps cover the signs of aging and brings back your inner
beauty through optical effects such as color and light. Dramatic results
are achieved by using Vivoke through the precise color selection, the
texture, and its combination. The face finished with Vivoke always appears
confident and expressively vibrant.

All items contain Jojoba Oil as a moisturizing ingredient and Vitalizing
Factor to eliminate free radicals in the skin. Suitable for all skin types
and skin tones.

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