New: Lancome Bronze Riviera Summer Collection

Bronze Riviera Look by Lancome
Bronze Riviera Look by Lancome

With the extreme heat alert issued in Toronto a couple of days ago and still in effect, you know that summer has arrived! And early! It’s hard to explain this kind of excitement to people living on the other side of the globe where they enjoy warm weather and sunshine all year round, but here we soak it up like there is no tomorrow!

Summer makeup is all about bronzers. It’s a little tricky on people with fair skin like me though – most bronzers are either too orangey or too dark. If you have very fair skin and don’t want to have a dark face and light neck and body, you can always use the bronzer as a blush to give your cheeks that healthy, summer glow. Look for one that isn’t too pigmented but with shimmer if you are concerned about looking too dark. (I will be doing another blog entry on the best summer makeup products soon – stay tuned!)

Lancome’s Bronze Riviera collection is fairly neutral and easy to use, and I am a sucker for pretty spokesmodels such as Ines Sastre. Whenever I see her gorgeous face, I pay attention! To achieve her look, here’s the tip sheet from Lancome:

Makeup Tips from Lancome to achieve the Bronze Riviera Look
Makeup Tips from Lancome to achieve the Bronze Riviera Look (Click on picture to enlarge)

To stay safe in the sun, don’t forget to slather on sunscreen! 🙂


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