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Product *Sample* Review: O HUI The First Cell Revolution Cream

Living in a cold, harsh wintry environment really does a number on your skin, especially when you have dry skin to begin with. I have no idea whether the environment (bitter Canadian winter climate 6 months of the year) caused my dry skin or I have dry skin to begin with, exacerbated by the harsh climate here (chicken or the egg question!). Anyhow, my wish for an ultra emollient cream is answered when I tried this cream. So far, I have good success with most of LG’s creams – they are very emollient and last me through the night (and I wake up to somehow oily looking skin, which I don’t mind), and OHUI The First Cell Revolution Cream is one of those that hydrates very well for my parched skin. It’s ultra rich, and a little bit goes a very long way. If I were to compare this to The History of Whoo’s Hwa Hyun cream, for example, this is much, much richer, even richer than Hwanyugo Cream.

Product Description: OHUI Melanish White Enlightening Cream by LG DeBon

Concentrated skin lightening cream with arbutin extracts.This whitening functional product, the combined whitening effect of highly-concentrated large spotted spurge seed extracts (Phytoclear EL-1) and arbutin create a fair complexion. In addition, prune ingredients give skin a fairer appearance. The cream keeps skin firm and hydrated through its moisturizing effect and protects skin from harmful environmental […]

Product Description: OHUI Melanish White Spot Care by LG DeBon

Intensive spot treatment with Arbutin for freckles and spots.Containing enriched large spotted spurge seed extracts (Phytoclear EL-1) and Arbutin, this is a medicinal cosmetic that is upgraded from conventional func-tional whitening cosmetic products. This is a new type of enriched whitening product for localized areas as it fundamentally prevents and improves dark sports and liver […]

Product Description: O HUI Advanced Herb Clear Peeling Scrub by LG DeBon

Gentle and mild skin-renewing exfoliator that de-flakes, refreshes and refines skin. This herbal based peeling scrub is made with soft granules that are non abrasive. Use once to twice weekly to keep pores clear. 100ml. How to use:Apply over makeup-free dry facial skin, avoiding eye and lip areas. Massage in gentle strokes and wash off. […]

Product Description: OHUI Advanced Herb Clear Massage Cream by LG DeBon

Herbal based massage cream that helps improve circulation, hydration and tone of the skin.The refreshing ingredients of sage, chamomile and Carex humilis Leyss extract leaves skin feeling comfortable and replenished. The massage will stimulate the blood circulation and re-energize fatigued skin, while the skin enhancing plant-based essential oils provide all the benefits necessary for boosting […]

Product Description: OHUI Melanish White Softening Toner by LG DeBon

Skin lightening toner with white lupine and flower acids.Moisturizing oil prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin and provides long-lasting hydration to prevent dryness. Featuring a light and fresh sensation, it promotes the skin’s absorption of active ingredients for a clear and translucent complexion. Size: 80ml x2 (total: 160ml)

Product Description: OHUI Melanish White Emulsion by LG DeBon

Skin lightening moisturizer with Arbutin and plum extracts.As a whitening functional product, arbutin’s whitening effect creates a fair complexion. Whitening substances derived from plums and large spotted spurge seed extracts (Phytoclear EL-1) give skin an attractive glow. The emulsion is absorbed instantly when applied to the skin. It keeps skin smooth and hydrated without dryness […]

Product Description: OHUI Melanish White Enlightening Serum by LG DeBon

Skin lightening Serum with Arbutin and plum extracts.The sun’s rays cause carotenoid build-up on the skin’s surface, which increases yellow tones in the skin. In addition, as people age yellow tones become more apparent in facial skin (in the cheeks, in particular). An increase in yellow tones in the skin is unique to Asian women, […]

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