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BB Creams: Too Good To Be True?

Most of these BB creams on the market boast a variety of skincare benefits. They may not treat the skin but they probably won’t hurt either. But the question remains: are they miracle products?

I have to backtrack and retract a comment I made under my own OHUI BB cream review, by the way (I already edited my comment). I stand by my original post – BB creams are really just glorified tinted moisturizers, cleverly marketed but nonetheless, they are makeup, no matter how many antioxidants or caviar are added to the cream. I am not saying they are useless, but I am also not saying that you put all your hopes and dreams into a BB cream and think your skin will get better by wearing it everyday either. Nowadays, many base makeup products across Asian and western brands – from primer, foundation to concealers – all contain skincare ingredients. Take Dior’s Capture Totale for example. It has a foundation with anti-wrinkle ingredients from their Capture Totale skin care line, but at the end of the day, that foundation is still categorized as a makeup product, not something in a league of its own like BB creams. Read more…

Bought Products That Don’t Work? What To Do?

We have all been there. You waited and waited, finally decided to buy a product (or sometimes, a whole line!), only to be completely dissatisfied when the product fails to impress. What can you do?

Well, there are pretty much just three choices – keep, return or toss. Should this misfortune happen to you (it happens to me A LOT since I use a new product every 3 months or less), there are still some things you can do should you decide to keep the duds. Read more…

All About Eyes – 8 Important Tips You Need To Know

Find out how you can protect and keep your eye areas in good shape with these important eye tips:

1. Tweezing

For most people this may not be a big deal, but some of us have very sensitive skin and the simple act of tweezing can actually leave stinging redness that lasts a little too long to our liking. Not all tweezers are equal, so you need to find one that will pick up hair with relative ease, without having to poke deep in the skin to pluck out the hair by its follicle. If tweezing is often painful for you, you can put Anbesol (an oral gel to numb the gums for teething pain) where you are going to pluck to reduce the pain and sting. Be careful not to use it too close to the eyeballs though.

A few days before your period is the skin’s most vulnerable time. It is extra fussy so tweezing, waxing, etc. should be avoided until after your period. Read more…

Beauty Budget Tips

Each season, I am tempted to buy everything trendy, and with each seasonal change, my skincare routine needs a little upgrade too. Being a hardcore beauty junkie isn’t easy, especially in this economy. Here are some tips for those who are about to spend big on the latest fall colors and new products that promise you the moon:

The 70/30 rule

Whether you actually have a budget, or you periodically splurge and suffer later, you can always use this golden ratio to help prioritize what to splurge on, and what to save. To avoid overspending, 70% of your skincare and makeup should be everyday essentials, leaving 30% of your budget to play around with seasonal colors. This way you don’t overshop the trends. Read more…

Age Specific Skincare: 30s

When you are in your 20s, you rarely think about your own mortality and aging. You are invincible, always full of energy, and even if you stay up all night you don’t get circles under your eyes the next morning. Anything goes – makeup colors can be more vibrant, mini-skirts look good on you, and you can get away with a basic 3-step skincare routine.

When you hit 30, it’s a whole new story! Fatigue shows on your face even if you undersleep by an hour for one night, dehydration lines start to appear on your forehead, and lines around your eyes when you smile. That’s why it is important to use age specific skin care and makeup when you start this new phase of your life. Read more…

Decoding the names: Asian beauty products

This was originally from several years ago when I first operated as an Asian beauty online store. If you are new to Asian skincare and makeup, you may find this useful!

Did you panic when you receive a product from and the date on the product has already passed? Not sure what a Charmzone Control Cream is? In general, the naming of many typical Japanese/Korean beauty products differs from the products produced in North America. Read on to find out more.
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Tips & Tricks for Puffy Eyes

We all have to deal with puffy eyes at one time or another. Here are the known solutions for treating the common puffy eyes:

Puffiness can be caused by excessive salt/sodium intake in the body. The best thing for your eyes and body is to stay away from salty foods – beware of processed food (loaded in sodium) and seasonings such as soy sauce. After a salty meal, try to drink a large glass of water or a cup of green or chamomile tea before bedtime to flush out the sodium from your body. Read more…

5 Things You Should Know About Sunscreens

Here are 5 reminders on how to use sunscreen properly:

1. An SPF15 lotion + SPF40 sunblock don’t add up to SPF55

The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is about how long the protection against burning lasts while you are in the sun, not absolute blocking. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a minimum of SPF30 and there is little incremental value above that number. For example, SPF50 blocks just a bit more of UVB rays than SPF30 (99% v. 97%).

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How To Read The Ingredient List and Find Out What to Avoid

Ever since Paula Begoun began exposing the meaning of ingredients in skin care and makeup products, people have been paying more attention to what they put on their skin. Sadly, our governments still do not regulate the skin care industry, so it is totally up to the consumers to be vigilant about what they use on their skin, since the skin is the largest organ in our bodies.

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How To Look Younger – Makeup and Skin Care Dos and Don’ts

When I looked at my older pictures when I was in my twenties, I was amazed at how much makeup I wore! I had foundation, 2-way cakes and powders, and I looked so made up, I actually looked older than I am now (34). In our 20s, we can afford to look a little older. But once we are past 30, every year you can shave off your looks gives you that edge and extra confidence. Here are some simple tips for looking younger:

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Tips for Sensitive Eyes

Usually at this time of the year, allergy-sufferers like me have a hard time with watery and itchy eyes. When everything seems to sting and burn your eyes, here are some of the tried-and-true products that work for my extremely sensitive eyes: Read more…

How to get the most out of product reviews – useful tips on valid feedback, proven ingredients and instant results

When you read product reviews, do you get turned off by a product based on the negative reviews, even if they were in the minority? Because a lot of the beauty products aren’t cheap, you can’t help but get cautious before making a commitment. But how much should you rely on these reviews? Read more…

Beauty Products: How Long Before You Should Expect Results?

Most of us usually read user reviews of certain products before we buy. It’s a good habit – to inform yourself whether something actually works – but some reviews may not apply to you. For example, I am often skeptical when I read that people expected miracles from using a product only a few days, and leave negative feedback when dramatic results didn’t happen.

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Quality Sleep – Products That Help You Get it!

As you probably know, sleep can do wonders for your skin. Most of us don’t get a good night sleep – statistics have shown that more than 55 per cent of adults in the world do not get enough sleep – and it shows on your skin, affects your overall health and well being, and has been shown to affect job performance and relationships.

Besides using a good sound machine, aromatherapy also helps me calm my nerves. I am glad there are so many products around to promote sleep. Dr. Weil, for example, has created a whole line – Night Health – for Origins, specifically to help relieve stress and promote sleep.
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Your Beauty Habits – How Much Do You Follow Them?

Awhile ago, I read in a Taiwanese beauty magazine (Beauty-30) that more than half of the readers used cotton pads with their toners. I have never really thought about it until I read the interesting survey! For me, I have always used cotton pads with my toners. It was interesting to see the beauty habits of others.

My biggest challenge came when I first started using Korean products years ago, when I operated as an online store. I was suddenly exposed to all the popular Korean brands such as Iope, Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Etude, Enprani, Charmzone, etc. I was very surprised when I learned that their serums are to be used after emulsion/moisturizer.

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Toners: Necessities?

There is always much debate on the need for toners. In the west, such as US and Canada, there is generally not much of a great push for toners, at least not by major American skin care; however, toners in Asia are often promoted heavily. In Japan, for example, toners are considered more important than moisturizer in a 4 or 5 step routine, and some toners are even more expensive than creams.

The question is: are toners really necessary?

Toners are usually used right after cleansing (with the exception of Albion toners which are to be used after moisturizers). It is often the second step in a normal skin care routine. People who swear by toners feel that toning lotions (in Japan toners are called lotions) complete the cleansing process by eliminating traces of cleansers and makeup, wiping off dead skin, and hydrating the skin after cleansing, while people who don’t use toners think that toners have no added benefits to a skin care routine.

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