Skin, Hair & Body Care Product Reviews

Skin care product reviews including facial, hair and body care products.

Best brand: Sulwhasoo

When it comes to face care, I have to say that Sulwhasoo is, by far, the best brand there is. From its unique, luxurious Korean packaging to the pleasant aroma of Korean herbs, Sulwhasoo exemplifies what prestigious skincare should be – effective, functional and fancy. It’s the kind of brand that is so attractive, you would rather skip a few dinners and movies and splurge to get even just one item. Read more…

AHAs: The Good and the Red

The benefits of using AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) are long debated – while some of us can tolerate the tingle, some just feel burned. After coming off a set of rather expensive Lancome whitening products (Blanc Expert) that did not show any visible results at all, I decided that I would give AHAs a try, just to get that glow back on my rather dehydrated, sensitive skin. As I searched for AHA products, I remember a friend of mine told me that Avon’s Anew line is working wonders for her, and after reading glowing reviews from hundreds of reviewers on, I decided to give Avon a try.

I felt a slight tingle just as described. After a few nights, that tingle went away, and I was happy to see actual results: my skin got a glow, and my skin was so luminous, I no longer needed foundation or any makeup! For $11, I thought, wow, I spent over CAD$249 on that Lancome set and I didn’t even see any difference after 6 months, and I got results after just a few uses!
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