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Slim Pickings : Waterproof Concealers – A Comprehensive List

It’s almost summer! And despite the lack of rain in this part of the world where I live, I had been searching for a good waterproof undereye concealer for my upcoming Tofino trip. The last thing I want is to look like a panda in the rainforests! Before I had my daughter, I never bothered with concealer. But now, it’s a necessity I cannot live without, a step I will not save even if I’m pressed for time!

Minute Beauty – 6 Products That Make You Look Great, Fast!

Not many of us have that much time in the morning – especially when you live in this part of the world where you wake up to pitch black skies and all you want to do is sleep in a little, or you have a small child to get ready to school for (or both!). These are the 6 products that get me ready in less than 10 minutes (after I wash my face and apply skincare and sunscreen- which takes 10 minutes):

Fall’s New Sexy Eyes – Smoky Browns!

If you are bored with the traditional fall colors for fashion and makeup – grays, blacks and purples – then this year’s browns, camels and animal prints will be a welcoming change! Even the traditional smoky eyes are getting a new twist – instead of the cool tones, smoky brown eyes are in! One great thing about browns is that they look good on almost everybody and most skin tones, and another is that even for a novice in creating smoky eyes, browns are a lot more forgiving and you are less likely to end up looking like a panda or raccoon.

That said, for some people who haven’t done their own smoky eye makeup with much success, there is still hope. I love youtube for that. There are tonnes of great tutorials on how to do practically anything nowadays and all you need is to type the keywords of what you are looking for. Don’t have the patience? Here is one I like:

Asian Makeup Must: Luminizers (Highlighters) and How to Use Them

While complexion enhancers may not be an everyday necessity for westerners, they certainly are essential in Japanese makeup. Every Japanese brand has at least a few luminizers (or highlighters) in their lineup. If you are afraid of using luminizers, you really shouldn’t be; after all, they will only give you a nice, natural glow if used correctly.

First of all, some people may confuse luminizers with glitter. While some luminizers tend to be overly shimmery, most of them in the Asian lineup or even some western brands are not glittery. They all leave the skin with a pearl finish, and the trick is to use it in the right spots and not all over the face (which will make you look greasy rather than radiant).