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The Face Shop at Markville Mall!

Ladies (and gents): if you didn’t know already, The Face Shop opened on October 4 at Markville Mall! I was excited when I saw it before it opened; and I finally went there yesterday and did a mini-haul. Currently there is a great promotion: spend $25 and you get $10 off; $35 and get $15 off; $50 and get a deluxe gift. I got all this for $18 after the discount, including tax!!

Paul & Joe Beaute Spring 2013 Collection

2013 Spring Makeup Collection

Though we Torontonians endure -28 degrees (with windchill) last night and this morning, Spring is just around the corner. Take a sneak peek at what’s coming on my Pinterest board: Best 2013 Spring Makeup

Bundle up, East Coasters! Just a few more days and hopefully back to just -10! :P

Slim Pickings : Waterproof Concealers – A Comprehensive List

It’s almost summer! And despite the lack of rain in this part of the world where I live, I had been searching for a good waterproof undereye concealer for my upcoming Tofino trip. The last thing I want is to look like a panda in the rainforests! Before I had my daughter, I never bothered with concealer. But now, it’s a necessity I cannot live without, a step I will not save even if I’m pressed for time!

Zinio – An Affordable Way to Read Asian Magazines!

It’s really just a matter of time before magazines go digital. For years, I had been paying US$15+ (plus 13% taxes) per issue of Biteki and VoCE; an exorbitant amount considering these are just magazines, which cost considerably more than books due to the shipping costs from Japan. I have enough copies to make my eyes roll – the money I spent on mere magazines is enough to feed a village in Africa!

Special Discounts for’s Singaporean Readers! (*edited to provide URL)

iheartkoreanbeauty is a Singaporean-based online store selling many Korean brands such as innisfree(one of the hit brands used to carry!), Etude House, Hanskin, Skinfood, Nature Republic, Tony Moly, to name a few! Since there are quite a few of you that live in Singapore and have a hard time finding Korean beauty brands locally, iheartkoreanbeauty is offering the following just for Joseibi’s Singaporean readers:

News: Skinfood Canada is now Momomango!

Fresh off Skinfood’s press: has now changed to! It will be adding other Korean brands. The name change enables Momomango to carry brands other than Skinfood so be sure to write to them and tell them which brand or product you would like to see there.

Japan’s No. 1 Shopping Site: Rakuten

Am I glad to have discovered a Japanese equivalent of Korean’s G-Market! Despite all the rage and hype about Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo, my first love is still Japanese brands. When I was looking for AMP Innersignal, I was almost too happy to discover that I can actually buy it from Rakuten!

BB Creams: Too Good To Be True?

Most of these BB creams on the market boast a variety of skincare benefits. They may not treat the skin but they probably won’t hurt either. But the question remains: are they miracle products?

I have to backtrack and retract a comment I made under my own OHUI BB cream review, by the way (I already edited my comment). I stand by my original post – BB creams are really just glorified tinted moisturizers, cleverly marketed but nonetheless, they are makeup, no matter how many antioxidants or caviar are added to the cream. I am not saying they are useless, but I am also not saying that you put all your hopes and dreams into a BB cream and think your skin will get better by wearing it everyday either. Nowadays, many base makeup products across Asian and western brands – from primer, foundation to concealers – all contain skincare ingredients. Take Dior’s Capture Totale for example. It has a foundation with anti-wrinkle ingredients from their Capture Totale skin care line, but at the end of the day, that foundation is still categorized as a makeup product, not something in a league of its own like BB creams.

Update on IPKN BB Cream

Just a quite note on the news regarding an IPKN BB Cream that contains fluorescent dye: the FDA in Taiwan had tested the product and said it was safe.

In The News: IPKN BB Cream May Contain Fluorescent Dyes

There are reports in Taiwan that a certain IPKN (Independent Professional Korea New Yorker) BB Cream contains fluorescent dyes, or optical brightener. A consumer filed a complaint saying that under dimmed lights (at pubs, nightclubs, etc.) her face appeared blue when she was wearing the IPKN BB cream. So far, separate tests by two inspection agencies and a university professor showed traces of optical brightener and now the officials at the DOH (Department of Health) will conduct tests on not just this particular BB cream, but on gathered samples of other BB creams to determine whether any of them contains fluorescent dyes.

Beauty Budget Tips

Each season, I am tempted to buy everything trendy, and with each seasonal change, my skincare routine needs a little upgrade too. Being a hardcore beauty junkie isn’t easy, especially in this economy. Here are some tips for those who are about to spend big on the latest fall colors and new products that promise you the moon:

The 70/30 rule

Whether you actually have a budget, or you periodically splurge and suffer later, you can always use this golden ratio to help prioritize what to splurge on, and what to save. To avoid overspending, 70% of your skincare and makeup should be everyday essentials, leaving 30% of your budget to play around with seasonal colors. This way you don’t overshop the trends.

Skincare vs. Makeup: What Is Your Beauty Budget?

I had been wanting to do a poll but somehow, with this latest version of wordpress, none of the poll plugins worked so unfortunately I can’t put a poll up. I recently came upon an article on the CBS Business Network and discovered some interesting tidbits on beauty budget among Japanese women. As most of us already know, Japan is the world’s second largest cosmetics market (second only to the U.S.) and there are thousands of brands when it comes to their domestic market, which include more foreign brands than we have here in North America. The more interesting question is, how much do you spend on skincare versus makeup?

What’s Trendy Now: Paper Eyelashes

Inspired by traditional Chinese paper art and launched by London-based Chinese designer Chunwei Liao, Paperself unites artists, designers and manufacturers from East to West. Challenging conventions of product design, Paperself offers a stylish alternative in furniture, homeware and accessories for eco-conscious living.

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