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Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB Cream UV, 50g, US$15 at Adambeauty.com

Product Review: Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB Cream UV (in MB)

Ever since the polar vortex, I get less and less time in the morning to do my makeup because I am just that tired to get out of bed. 😉 So, despite my previous hesitations to try another BB cream, I find myself looking for one. My daughter has to get up at 6:30am to catch the school bus now, which means I am out of bed around that time too, and out the door by 7:20am. I need a 10-in-1 product if I can find one, but I’ll gladly settle for a 5-in-1! Read more…

Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation, 25ml, US$67.5 at adambeauty.com

Product Review: Kanebo Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Foundation SPF21 PA++

At US$67.5 for 25ml, this was the most expensive foundation I have ever purchased. Based on good reviews and my fondness for Kanebo’s discontinued brand Revue which had the best foundation for my skin, I wanted to try the higher end of Kanebo’s foundation, since Coffret D’or somehow didn’t quite measure up to Revue (though both are in the same price range). I wanted to get the Cream Foundation initially; but I am not fond of the jar format, which is essentially a warm bed for germs. So I settled for the liquid version which comes in a glass bottle with a pump. Read more…

Kanebo Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow in GN-1, US$9.50 at Adambeauty.com

Product Review: Kanebo Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow in GN-1

I don’t usually buy Lavshuca makeup, because it’s a younger brand meant for younger girls (I do own the Fairy Candy Cheeks which are powder balls for cheeks). But I really wanted a shimmery green eyeshadow, and the new Candy Pop Shadow looks so cute I just have to have it! I bought this from Adambeauty.com for US$9.50. It is tiny, and comes in a little tin can. Read more…

Kanebo Coffret D'or Full Keep Base UV EX, 3850JPY at Ichibankao.com

Product Review: Kanebo Coffret D’or Full Keep Base UV EX SPF25 PA++

I bought this product solely because it claims to minimize the appearance of pores, and that I needed a higher SPF than 15 as a base. (I would have preferred to have at least SPF30) Kanebo Coffret D’or Full Keep Base UV EX just came out weeks ago, the EX version being an upgrade from last year’s; and I bought it at ichibankao.com for about US$38.00, which I received in just 4 business days. Read more…


Product Review: Kanebo KATE Shiny Eyelid Liner BE-1

This is a brand new product from Kanebo’s KATE line. I bought it from Ichibankao.com and received it within 4 business days, which was super fast and I had become highly addicted to shopping from them lately! I needed something more pigmented than a luminizer to brighten up the inner corners of my eyes to combat telltale signs of sleep deprivation, and something that won’t irritate my very sensitive eyes. The price is good and the shades (in 2 shades: this one in beige and another one in pink) can’t go wrong. Read more…

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