Kose CLEAR TURN Eye Zone Mask, 64pc (40ml), US$15.5 at Adambeauty.com

Product Review: Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Eye Zone Mask

This was sent to me by a great friend of mine, along with the Lululun masks. Like Lululun, this mask pack was not individually wrapped, but housed in one package just like using wet wipes (baby wipes, etc.). It’s one of those things you either love it for being less wasteful towards the environment, or you might find it icky to expose a whole stack of sheet masks every time you open it. Anyhow, this was meant to be used up within a month (32 times, or fewer, if you use them also on your nasolabial folds). Read more…



I bought this as my second Missha.ca purchase when it was put on clearance sale. The regular price for this mini version is CAD$24.99; sale price was $12.50 (and still at this price on clearance sale on the site). It is supposed to be a dupe of Guerlain’s ever popular Météorites, but at a fraction of its price. I have been wary of similar shimmer balls, since some of them are very glittery (The Body Shop’s version is very shiny) and Météorites is very subtle with a flawless finish. Read more…



I feel like doing a drum roll as I introduce this product. I bought this during a 30% sale at the time, which was a good deal, by the way. I have since learned to wait till sale time to buy from Missha because the price can drop quite a bit! Anyway, there was a time I would not consider using snail slime on my face; but after reading so many great reviews about snail creams and products, I decided to give it a try. Read more…



I bought this mask at the Missha flagship store at Pacific Mall, which, ironically, did not provide English list of ingredients on the product like the ones I bought online from Missha.ca. This is an interesting mask because it contains 4 ‘melting’ ampoule films to be placed under the eyes and on the nasolabial folds (‘laugh lines’) in addition to a ’4D’ mask. I said ‘interesting’ because Missha’s idea of 4D is a hard seam right in the middle of the mask, and also, the mask contains two holes on the side for you to put on your ears. If you think it sounded uncomfortable, it was intentional, because it was uncomfortable. I also experienced this with a 3D mask by The Face Shop (but without the ear holes). It’s a great idea in concept, but I personally find it rather inconvenient as I put my mask on and felt incessant and constant dripping of the essence from the side of my neck… Read more…

Missha The Style Art Designing Sebum Cut Pact - Clear Peach, 11g, CAD$16.99

Product Review: Missha The Style Art Designing Sebum Cut Pact – Clear Peach

I needed a translucent blotting powder to go in my purse without spending a fortune (I’m looking at you, Laura Mercier) and I got this one in my mini-Missha haul last month, which cost me CAD$16.99. It could be cheaper, but I had a $10 off discount, so I didn’t mind it. This is a basic, somewhat tinted blotting powder, offered in two shades: one in green and this one in ‘clear peach’, though the tint is very slight and barely noticeable at all.
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Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule Mask, 33ml, CAD$5.99

Product Review: Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule Mask (33ml)

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule Mask is a 2-piece mask that claims to provide visible results after just one use. The line (Time Revolution) contains similar ingredients to SKII’s fermented sake, which I have yet to try (but I really want to, since it’s much cheaper than SKII). I am so far in love with the Korean face masks, which are loaded in beneficial ingredients and rich in serum (average more than 20ml per mask, versus the 18-20ml max. from Japanese brands). This mask is a dollar more expensive than the Near Skin version I just reviewed, and I had high hopes for this since the ingredients in this include Bifida, peptides, lactic acid, all known to be very good for your skin.
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Missha Near Skin Total Repairing Hydro Gel Mask, 28g, CAD$4.99

Product Review: Missha Near Skin Total Repairing Hydro Gel Mask (28g)

I have been neglecting my skin for nearly a year…between not sleeping enough and the harsh winter, my dehydrated skin needs some serious boost! My pressing concerns are the dehydration fine lines on my forehead that simply aren’t going away. I need to rescue my skin and one good way to do it, in addition to a good moisturizer, is the use of essence masks! Read more…

O HUI White Extreme Gift Set

Product Review: O HUI White Extreme Gift Set

received a lot of comments and emails regarding a good whitening line that is hydrating enough, ever since I reviewed The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang:Seol whitening line. That was when my skin was younger and started to get dehydrated and dry; now, past my mid-thirties, I need a hydrating and whitening line even more, as I want to avoid age spots and dehydration fine lines. Read more…

Utena Matomage Hair Styling Stick, 15g, US$8.50

Product Review: Utena Matomage Hair Styling Stick

I had no idea the brand Utena was still in business until I spotted this on Adambeauty.com. Years ago, when Joseibi.com was an online store, I wanted to sell Utena products because I had tried them during a trip to Japan, and for the price, I thought the quality was pretty good. It’s a drug-store level brand, but I was fond of it. Read more…

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